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Didi hadn't paid much attention when she was assigned an office, but she was relieved to have one now. For one thing, it was a place where Time could get wrapped up in one of hi projects -- in this case, arranging her books in chronological order -- without making her incipient headache too much worse. (She loved her father. She loved everybody. It was just sometimes for her to love him when she only saw him in small doses.)

He harrumphed over her small selection of texts, while she sat at the desk and tried to radiate good vibes for any parents or students who might stop by. It was a harder exercise than usual, but she'd pull herself together if anyone came by.

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Didi was all set up for movie night, with The Punk Singer queued up on Netflix and a bowl of seasoned popcorn on the table because she liked it. Since she'd moved in, the apartment's living area had been slowly Didi-fied, with a few bright, whimsical prints on the walls and a throw rug patterned with goldfish in front of the couch.

She nibbled at some popcorn as she waited for her guest.

[OOC: Now I'm done spamming you! Open if you live here or were invited.]
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Hey all!

So Death is back (and will be working at Caritas). I think most of you either know the canon, remember her from her last go-round on the island five years ago, or both, so here are the essentials. There's a bit of a deeper dive in her original info post from way back when, though parts of that are specific to the human form called Didi as opposed to Death herself.
  • She is death. Literally. Well, if you want to get technical about it, she's more of a universal life-death force thing, but for some reason most people are mainly interested in the part where she takes your hand and escorts you to the afterlife.
  • If you think your character would either recognize her as one of the Endless, or sense that she isn't exactly human, go for it. It's not a secret.
  • People here know her as Didi, so that's what she'll go by. In part because introducing yourself as Death doesn't tend to make you a hit at parties.
  • Her powers are effectively unlimited; the Endless follow plenty of rules, but there's little or nothing they actually can't do. That said, she's not in the habit of interfering in mortal affairs, and she's not going to start on the island.
  • Theoretically, she's almost omniscient, though not telepathic. (E.g., she knows what people do but not necessarily how they feel about it.) In practice on the island, given all the different universes in play and my lack of desire to godmod, she's normally only going to know things that anyone else could know too. That said, if you want her to amuse/confuse/slightly wig out your character by, say, calling them by name when she first meets them or asking about their dead father or offering to buy them a slice of their favorite anchovy-pineapple pizza, let me know OOC and I'll do it.
  • She is basically the best and most loving friend anyone could have. And she'll keep being that way no matter what.

Questions, comments, gifs because this post lacks them?

Voice Mail

Aug. 24th, 2012 06:53 pm
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"Hey, it's me. Leave a message and I'll get back to you. Have a fantastic day!"

[In creating this journal, the author has assumed the identity of a fictional person for use in the role-playing game [ profile] fandomhigh, for the sole purpose of entertainment, without intending to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud either the person who created the fictional person, or any reader of this content. The author does not purport to be the creator of the fictional person, or to be affiliated with the creator, or with any person or entity with an interest in the fictional person. The author does not claim to be the person who is being used as the graphical representation of that fictional person, nor intend to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud that person by use of their image.]
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Death was waiting.

Death was often waiting. She'd waited for Didi's year to be up, and it was. She'd waited to do her job on the island -- and now she had done that, too.

And now there was just one thing left to do, one final goodbye to say. She had a feeling she wouldn't be waiting too long.

For now, there were ducks to feed.

This is our last goodbye... )

[OOC: And that's it, folks. Thanks to [ profile] furnaceface, who knew about this going in and gave me an amazing year of shippiness, this scene included. I'm also going to use this OOC note to thank Jara and Cassie, for being wonderful fake siblings; Aura, for being a fantastic real sibling I regret not having had more time with; Ana, for being a kickass roomie who let Didi pick on his boy like crazy; Nic, for being my partner in crime on the one year and out thing; Tracy, for taking the goldfish; and everybody who's wibbled at me or let me wibble at them this past few weeks. Thank you. It's been an honor to play this one, and she'll be missed.]
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The weird feeling that had been in Didi's stomach all day hadn't gone away after she left a note for Jono. If anything, it had gotten worse -- a consequence, she supposed, of talking about it so damned much. Needing to get away on her own, she went down to the beach.

It wasn't long before she'd taken off her sneakers to wade into the water, going in almost to her knees. She bent at the waist, a small dark figure searching for shells on the bottom of the clear sea. Sexton's voice was in her head: Didi. It's really dumb to go swimming with your clothes on...

She chuckled at that memory a bit, though she couldn't have told you why it was funny.

It wasn't much longer until... )

[OOC: Text liberally borrowed from Death: The High Cost of Living. Warning for character death. NFB, OOC loved.]
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Didi was a little confused when she got back to her cabin. She'd gone looking for Jono, but he hadn't been in any of his usual places, and the island just felt ... wrong. Weirdly empty, and what life there was felt frightening in a way that itched at the back of her head.

She didn't have too much time to ponder it further. As she pulled open her cubby, she was confronted by the tug of a black hole in reality that yanked her into it, leaving not a trace.

[OOC: Establishy, unless cabinmates want to notice]
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After Raven left, Didi wasn't quite sure what to do. She sidled over to Jono and took both of his hands in hers, resisting the urge to rub them up and down his stomach. It'd be just a tad forward (and, somehow, that felt like a problem?).

"You should eat," she said, half-teasing. "Right? That's what Raven said."

... Honestly, now. When had Didi ever known Jono to protest to her being forward? )

[OOC: Preplayed with the extraordinary [ profile] furnaceface, follows this. NFI -- it's not like they can see anybody else anyhow :-). ]
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So Jono still didn't know what Didi had in mind for his birthday.

.... possibly because she had managed to wring every drop of innuendo out of her request they "take a walk back to the dorms for something special."

Honestly. Boys.

She laughed a little to herself as she gripped his hand tighter.

[OOC: For two, please.]
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It was not unusual for Didi to go months or even years without seeing her younger brother. They'd passed centuries without much more than the exchange of pleasantries, millennia on no more than an afternoon together. That was, simply, how it was for the Endless.

So it was perfectly when he disappeared early in the morning of his first day back from the dead, with only a reluctant promise to meet Didi and her friend at the coffee shop.

Perfectly normal -- but it still had Didi nervous. "Do you think he'll get hot chocolate?" she chattered at Jono. "He should have whipped cream. It'd chill him out."

Wishful thinking. )

[OOC: Preplayed with [ profile] icecoldfrost and [ profile] furnaceface. NFI.]
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Death was on a rocky peak on the Dreaming, rain battering down on her as she talked to her brother for what she knew would be the last time.

Dream within a dream behind here )

Waking, she knew it meant more than the vague promise it might have seemed. The rock had told her that much.

Her only question was how Del would react.

[OOC: Dream text borrowed from Sandman #69 by Neil Gaiman. Thank you to [ profile] icecoldfrost for finding and uploading a scan of it for me. Closed door, open post!]
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Didi wasn't always much of a reader -- she tended to be more interested in living life than in reading about it -- but it was too hot to live life today.

Too hot, in fact, to do much of anything, returned ankh or no returned ankh. (Though she was still grateful enough for her necklace that her fingers kept skittering to it at odd moments.)

Sprawled out on her bed, she had a bowl of frozen grapes and a thick paperback novel with a girl popping out of her dress on the front. She kept making scoffing noises at various implausibilities in the text. The author had an interesting view of human flexibility.

Her door was open and she was facing it, the better to see anyone pass through the halls.

[OOC: It has been forever since I made a room post, man. Open!]
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There wasn't any real reason for Didi to be as pissed off as she was after art class, but it wasn't like you needed a reason to be angry. Still in her cute new sundress -- seriously, what had she been thinking, with the black all the time? -- she came back to her alcove and started banging things around. She'd tell you she was looking for a different pair of shoes, but really she just liked making noise.

Eventually she flopped back on her bed and turned on an Eminem record as loud as it would go. It was like she was daring her cabinmates to complain.

[OOC: Open, yo.]
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The human embodiment of the anthropomorphic representation of life and death was a frustrated teenage girl today.

For one, there was a small black messenger bag that sat on the floor at her feet and stayed there no matter what she did. It was embroidered with the names of her siblings, and was stunningly heavy for its petite size when she tried to lift it. (Didi suspected it was, like meta for the TARDIS interior, bigger than it looked.)

For another, she was craving macaroni and cheese, and there wasn't a supply of it in the cabin kitchen even when she poked way in the back of the cupboards.

Not all of her problems were major ones.

[OOC: Open for monkeyponeyites and anyone who wants a Didi! Mmmm, mac and cheese.]
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Didi didn't check her email often, but she was grateful she had today. Someone had posted a message on her Facebook page.

I don't know if you're the same girl I think you are, it read, but even if you aren't you look cool so I hope you are cool and will just delete this and not decide I'm some freak. This is Hazel. The pregnant girl from the concert last summer. I mean, I'm not pregnant anymore. His name is Alvie. Anyhow, Donna -- Foxglove -- has her record release party Wednesday, and if you want to come to New York you're totally welcome. I would really like to see you. Let me know?

Didi smiled as she read it, then tapped in a short note saying she'd be there if she could before calling Jono and going to pack. It felt like a good time to get out of town for a few days.

[OOC: Open for he who is going with her, the roommate, or anyone who wants to bug her! Possible SP from here as I NEED TO PACK.]
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Didi woke up early, because she was almost always up early, and stayed blissfully still under the covers for ... oh, almost three whole minutes.

Then she was out of bed like a shot and poking through the closet trying to find something cute to wear, singing loudly and offkey to herself as she did so. There was way too much black stuff in there.

It was going to be a fantastic day.

[OOC: Closed door, post open for SP]
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It was totally a normal Monday morning for Didi. Shower, get dressed, say hi to her fish, then recline on her bed with a graphic novel and a muffin. She had a few hours until Algren's class, and she was enjoying the relaxing time.

Normal, normal, normal -- except, on Jaime's side of the room, Jaime's debris of engineering supplies had been removed and replaced with accounting textbooks and clothes belonging to one Bobby Drake. Next door, Jaime's things had taken the place of Bobby's in a similar way. It was Didi and Bobby's special way of thanking their roommates for both taking off on the same weekend.

Didi couldn't stop herself from impatiently eying the door, hoping Jaime, Kate or Bobby would stop by before she had to leave for class. An unappreciated prank was a sad thing indeed.

[OOC: Mostly for the pranked and the fellow prankster, but open if you need her!}
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Somehow, Jono and Didi had decided to go birdwatching.

Didi managed to keep this going until she realized all the different small songbirds looked about the same to her. Luckily, there were plenty of other things to keep her entertained in the woods on an early spring day. "Look," she said to her companion, gesturing off to the left. "It's a whole field of crocuses."

[OOC: For the boy. *scrolls down on f'list* It's a surprisingly big preserve :-)]
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Didi had spent some time this morning talking to her fish as she cleaned and rearranged their tank. Either she was a little bored, or they had seen fascinating things during the gremlin invasion. It might have been both.

Once she'd gotten all of the conversation out of Slim and Wandsworth that a girl could expect (and a bit more), she flopped down on her bed and started watching a DVD of the movie from class yesterday. She hadn't seen it all the way through, and Scottish Accent Guy was hot.

The door to her room was open a crack so she could see people in the hall.
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Didi's favorite thing about working in T&C was that she got to claim the best seasonal candy before anyone even saw it. She figured as long as she shared -- and she did -- using her employee discount to buy, say, a dozen adorable lollipops was just a good way to get better educated about the merchandise.

She sucked on a candy shaped like a bumblebee as she kept knitting away at her latest project. It seemed to be turning into a bright pink fitted cap; she was going to offer it to Jaime just to see his reaction.

She had a Disney compilation playing softly on the stereo, and the door was open so she could see who was passing through the hall.

[OOC: Open room post! I need happy RP in my workday, darnit.]


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