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Just had to catch the bandwagon before it leaves town.

Two things are true about Didi. She is a 16-year-old Goth girl from New York whose family died a few months ago in an accident -- and she's the immortal anthropomorphic embodiment of Life and Death itself. Confusing? Not if you're her.

See, in Sandman, Death -- one of the seven Endless, and if I try to explain that this post will become a novel, so here, have a Wiki page -- spends one day a century as a mortal so she understands the price humans pay. In the 20th century, her day was a summer day in New York City, which she spent as Didi. She got through it, fell into a fountain to die and go back to being all quasi-omnipotent ... and got transported to Fandom in 2009 instead.

The school has its ways of attracting students.

Powers and whatnot in handy bullet points. )

Everyone else in age order:

Tara Maclay, who is not really much for the timber. )

Jack Priest, who says that all he did was flirt. )

Romeo Montague, who thinks he's fortune's fool. )

Angela Chase, who sometimes feels her life going somewhere )

Tyler Durden, who says your life is ending one minute at a time. )

Elisabeth, who is very flaily about playing Death )


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