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So Jono still didn't know what Didi had in mind for his birthday.

.... possibly because she had managed to wring every drop of innuendo out of her request they "take a walk back to the dorms for something special."

Honestly. Boys.

She laughed a little to herself as she gripped his hand tighter.

[OOC: For two, please.]
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Death was on a rocky peak on the Dreaming, rain battering down on her as she talked to her brother for what she knew would be the last time.

Dream within a dream behind here )

Waking, she knew it meant more than the vague promise it might have seemed. The rock had told her that much.

Her only question was how Del would react.

[OOC: Dream text borrowed from Sandman #69 by Neil Gaiman. Thank you to [ profile] icecoldfrost for finding and uploading a scan of it for me. Closed door, open post!]
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Didi wasn't always much of a reader -- she tended to be more interested in living life than in reading about it -- but it was too hot to live life today.

Too hot, in fact, to do much of anything, returned ankh or no returned ankh. (Though she was still grateful enough for her necklace that her fingers kept skittering to it at odd moments.)

Sprawled out on her bed, she had a bowl of frozen grapes and a thick paperback novel with a girl popping out of her dress on the front. She kept making scoffing noises at various implausibilities in the text. The author had an interesting view of human flexibility.

Her door was open and she was facing it, the better to see anyone pass through the halls.

[OOC: It has been forever since I made a room post, man. Open!]
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Didi didn't check her email often, but she was grateful she had today. Someone had posted a message on her Facebook page.

I don't know if you're the same girl I think you are, it read, but even if you aren't you look cool so I hope you are cool and will just delete this and not decide I'm some freak. This is Hazel. The pregnant girl from the concert last summer. I mean, I'm not pregnant anymore. His name is Alvie. Anyhow, Donna -- Foxglove -- has her record release party Wednesday, and if you want to come to New York you're totally welcome. I would really like to see you. Let me know?

Didi smiled as she read it, then tapped in a short note saying she'd be there if she could before calling Jono and going to pack. It felt like a good time to get out of town for a few days.

[OOC: Open for he who is going with her, the roommate, or anyone who wants to bug her! Possible SP from here as I NEED TO PACK.]
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Didi woke up early, because she was almost always up early, and stayed blissfully still under the covers for ... oh, almost three whole minutes.

Then she was out of bed like a shot and poking through the closet trying to find something cute to wear, singing loudly and offkey to herself as she did so. There was way too much black stuff in there.

It was going to be a fantastic day.

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Didi had spent some time this morning talking to her fish as she cleaned and rearranged their tank. Either she was a little bored, or they had seen fascinating things during the gremlin invasion. It might have been both.

Once she'd gotten all of the conversation out of Slim and Wandsworth that a girl could expect (and a bit more), she flopped down on her bed and started watching a DVD of the movie from class yesterday. She hadn't seen it all the way through, and Scottish Accent Guy was hot.

The door to her room was open a crack so she could see people in the hall.
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Didi had gone to bed besotted with Raven, and woken up very much ... not.

Not that she had anything against Raven. She was a sweet girl and a good friend. But the whole thing tasted strange in her mouth, especially that she'd let Jono go. She wasn't letting herself think about the sting of that bit.

She spent the day hiding in bed. It wasn't like her, but she figured she'd pout in enough long days of work in her life that one under the covers wouldn't hurt anyone. She left the door closed.

[OOC: Door closed. Post open to anyone who may be looking for her -- or the roomie, if he's around.]
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With most of her classes done for the week, Didi was curled up on her bed with some Halloween candy and her knitting project, as They Might Be Giants played on her stereo.

The maroon-and-grey thing she was knitting was a scarf. Definitely a scarf.

It might just turn out to be a scarf with thumbs.

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The mortal incarnation of the anthropomorphic personification of life and death itself was propped up with pillows against the headboard of her bed, knitting something gray and maroon striped. She hadn't decided yet if it was going to grow up to be an afghan, or if she'd get bored by the time it was a scarf.

She was thinking, too. About Atropos' daughter and Aphrodite, about Drake and how very many worlds there were that she didn't know nearly enough about, despite knowing all she did.

And, almost distressingly often given her decidedly mixed feelings about dating mortals, about Jono, who might get the knitted thing if it did grow up to be a scarf.

Didi's door was open and she had the Psychedelic Furs on her CD player.

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Didi slept late on Saturday, feeling it was her right as both a teenage girl and as an entity that usually didn't bother with sleep.

She'd been mortal a week, now. It had been a good week. She had a job; she had a few people who seemed like they might turn into friends; she had classes she didn't hate. She wasn't sure how much longer she'd stay, but as long as she could, the island felt like it would pass as home.

And hey, she noted as she opened her eyes -- someone or something had even decorated her room for her (though, oddly, all of the balloons and streamers in this room were black or white). She opened the door to find a bouquet of white roses.

Grinning, she took them and sat back on her bed, leaving the door open. If she had flowers from a secret admirer, they were getting turned into a garland for her hair.

[Open will-be-a-linkdrop-someday post of happy birthday, game. I'll be on and off most of today.]


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