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Didi had packed for the trip to New York (jeans, boots, tank tops, jackets, all in a color palette ranging from black to black -- really, did you expect anything different?) and sat on her bed by the zipped suitcase, waiting for Jaime to get back from his visit with his family.

There was a gaily-wrapped box sitting next to her. Jaime might have forgotten what he'd said the last time she'd asked about when he would wear a kilt -- which she did every so often, just to keep him on his toes -- but she hadn't. And the conditions he'd proposed were, while clearly meant sarcastically, entirely favorable in Didi's eyes.

She checked the wall clock and folded her hands in her lap, completely at peace with her thoughts for the moment.

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Didi had gone a little crazy finding decorations for her wee tiny artificual Christmas tree. There was strung popcorn and tinsel and mermaids and goldfish and red, black and silver balls and even a few cute skeletons. There were poodles and multicolored candy canes and a perfect angel for the top.

... there was about one ornament for every branch. Which was a wee bit much.

Door open, she was trying to weed through them while she waited for Jono.

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Didi had gone to bed besotted with Raven, and woken up very much ... not.

Not that she had anything against Raven. She was a sweet girl and a good friend. But the whole thing tasted strange in her mouth, especially that she'd let Jono go. She wasn't letting herself think about the sting of that bit.

She spent the day hiding in bed. It wasn't like her, but she figured she'd pout in enough long days of work in her life that one under the covers wouldn't hurt anyone. She left the door closed.

[OOC: Door closed. Post open to anyone who may be looking for her -- or the roomie, if he's around.]
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With most of her classes done for the week, Didi was curled up on her bed with some Halloween candy and her knitting project, as They Might Be Giants played on her stereo.

The maroon-and-grey thing she was knitting was a scarf. Definitely a scarf.

It might just turn out to be a scarf with thumbs.

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The mortal incarnation of the anthropomorphic personification of life and death itself was propped up with pillows against the headboard of her bed, knitting something gray and maroon striped. She hadn't decided yet if it was going to grow up to be an afghan, or if she'd get bored by the time it was a scarf.

She was thinking, too. About Atropos' daughter and Aphrodite, about Drake and how very many worlds there were that she didn't know nearly enough about, despite knowing all she did.

And, almost distressingly often given her decidedly mixed feelings about dating mortals, about Jono, who might get the knitted thing if it did grow up to be a scarf.

Didi's door was open and she had the Psychedelic Furs on her CD player.

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Didi slept late on Saturday, feeling it was her right as both a teenage girl and as an entity that usually didn't bother with sleep.

She'd been mortal a week, now. It had been a good week. She had a job; she had a few people who seemed like they might turn into friends; she had classes she didn't hate. She wasn't sure how much longer she'd stay, but as long as she could, the island felt like it would pass as home.

And hey, she noted as she opened her eyes -- someone or something had even decorated her room for her (though, oddly, all of the balloons and streamers in this room were black or white). She opened the door to find a bouquet of white roses.

Grinning, she took them and sat back on her bed, leaving the door open. If she had flowers from a secret admirer, they were getting turned into a garland for her hair.

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You might not think dying would hurt, if you've done it thousands upon thousands of times and seen it billions upon billions. It might seem like it would be as routine as passing through subway turnstiles.

You'd be wrong. The end of Death's day of mortality -- of Didi's existence -- was a sunny summer morning in Central Park, and Didi's mouth still tasted like coffee, and she gave Sexton Mad Hetty's heart and the two cents she had left. And then it was time. She stood on the edge of the fountain and felt her heart (her new heart, her fake heart, her heart) shudder to a stop. She was almost unconscious as she hit the water, and her last thoughts were that she liked this one-day-a-century thing and that she'd be back in her Realm soon.

... except she wasn't. She opened her eyes, soaking wet, and saw an airport food court. "Ow." Her head hurt and she was still mortal. Protectively, she reached her hand down to her ankh.

It was there. Nothing could be too bad, then. The tall man in white who was walking toward her (Dream, she knew, but not Morpheus -- and that hurt, too) could explain the rest.

[OOC: NFB. NFI. And killing off Morpheus, while necessitated by timelines, hurts my heart.]
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Just had to catch the bandwagon before it leaves town.

Two things are true about Didi. She is a 16-year-old Goth girl from New York whose family died a few months ago in an accident -- and she's the immortal anthropomorphic embodiment of Life and Death itself. Confusing? Not if you're her.

See, in Sandman, Death -- one of the seven Endless, and if I try to explain that this post will become a novel, so here, have a Wiki page -- spends one day a century as a mortal so she understands the price humans pay. In the 20th century, her day was a summer day in New York City, which she spent as Didi. She got through it, fell into a fountain to die and go back to being all quasi-omnipotent ... and got transported to Fandom in 2009 instead.

The school has its ways of attracting students.

Powers and whatnot in handy bullet points. )

Everyone else in age order:

Tara Maclay, who is not really much for the timber. )

Jack Priest, who says that all he did was flirt. )

Romeo Montague, who thinks he's fortune's fool. )

Angela Chase, who sometimes feels her life going somewhere )

Tyler Durden, who says your life is ending one minute at a time. )

Elisabeth, who is very flaily about playing Death )
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It was not unusual for Didi to go months or even years without seeing her younger brother. They'd passed centuries without much more than the exchange of pleasantries, millennia on no more than an afternoon together. That was, simply, how it was for the Endless.

So it was perfectly when he disappeared early in the morning of his first day back from the dead, with only a reluctant promise to meet Didi and her friend at the coffee shop.

Perfectly normal -- but it still had Didi nervous. "Do you think he'll get hot chocolate?" she chattered at Jono. "He should have whipped cream. It'd chill him out."

[OOC: Preplay: For Jono, then Morpheus, s'il vous plait!]


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