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After Raven left, Didi wasn't quite sure what to do. She sidled over to Jono and took both of his hands in hers, resisting the urge to rub them up and down his stomach. It'd be just a tad forward (and, somehow, that felt like a problem?).

"You should eat," she said, half-teasing. "Right? That's what Raven said."

... Honestly, now. When had Didi ever known Jono to protest to her being forward? At least, whenever he wasn't terrified that he'd accidentally kill her, or something.

"It's been nearly two years," he pointed out, half-joking right back. "I don't know if it's because my stomach is so empty or because I just haven't felt it in so long, but you wouldn't believe how hungry I am, Sunshine."

Note, however, how he didn't seem to be in any terrible sort of hurry to go anywhere.

Hey, maybe she'd accidentally kill him now! Ever think of that?

... okay, probably not. Not from the way her fingers traveled up his stomach, over his chest and neck and traced along his lips.

"I can imagine," she said, managing not to bring up Dream or his 73 years without food. "Bet you'd kill for a sandwich. There's just..."

She never finished saying what there was just. The impulse to raise her head and kiss him was too strong.

So she did it.

"Just that," she said, mouth still very close to his.

That had been their first kiss, hadn't it?

It had. And Jono's head was reeling, and... Was he hungry? He didn't particularly notice at the moment. There were far more important things to worry about, like...

Like maybe a second kiss, which he was going to lean in for now.

"Oh, not just that, I hope. I would hate for that to be it, luv."

"Turning into a teenage boy on me?" Didi asked, still teasing. Her heart was racing along in her chest; she imagined she could hear his doing the same.

She kissed him again, letting it linger a very long time. "Nope. Not just that."

And then she went for their third kiss, if she didn't count certain weekends when neither of them was in possession of their senses.

Weekends when they were both insane because Fandom was cruel absolutely didn't count, no. And so their third kiss was going to be this one, and Jono was of the opinion that he could be a teenage boy all he wanted, just so long as it meant making out with his girlfriend.

Yes. Yes.

"I love you."

Look, it was just better when he said it aloud like that.

She was melting against him as they kissed, was the thing. Technically billions of years old and swooning into her boyfriend's arms. Not the most elegant thing ever, but she did not care.

"I love you too," she said, relishing that she got to hear him say it. "I love everything about you."

And then she went for their fourth kiss. This one would involve fingers in his hair.

And fingers in his hair were about the last straw, then. The one that prompted a groan from Jono. A real one, from deep in his throat, visceral and real, not like those notions, those psionic echoes that he had to focus to project outward, before.

Jonothon felt, and so Jonothon reacted, and it was as simple as just that.

A stab of hunger from the insides that he barely remembered dragged him out of that stupor. But, blast it, he wasn't about to let something like being hungry get in the way of this moment.

"Strawberries," he decided. "We'll have strawberries."

She kissed the skin on the throat that groan had come from once, gently, because she could. "Strawberries," she repeated, imagining the sweet pulp staining his mouth. "That sounds ... good. Strawberries."

She kept a tight hold on his hand as she started moving toward the safe room door. If there weren't any berries in the kitchen she'd be at the store to buy them and back before you could blink.

That is, if she could wriggle away from him long enough to do so. Jono seemed every bit as interested in leaning over to plant kisses on her cheeks and along her neck as they moved as he did in the prospect of eating.

Eating strawberries. With Didi.

Oh, no, there was absolutely no ulterior motive to his craving for strawberries in the least.

The kisses were distracting. That was the only reason she stumbled and, semi-intentionally, ended up pressing him against the wall, stomach to stomach, lip to lip.

Strawberries, craved for ulterior reasons or not, could wait another second.

Well, if he was going to be hungry with his back against the wall, Jono was at least going to make it worth his while. Lip to lip was all well and good, but he had a tongue that he hadn't used in quite some time, and not even strawberries sounded like they could possibly taste any better than Didi's kisses did.

They weren't going to get very far, at this rate.

//It's good to see that yer a teenage girl, t'match th'teenage boy you just accused me of being, luv.//

... Yes, he'd thought that at her. Like hell he was going to break this kiss just for the sake of teasing.

Didi would have thought shut up back at him, but he couldn't hear her that way. And it didn't seem worth breaking a perfectly good kiss that involved tongues and teeth and moisture and the taste of Jono's lips.

They weren't getting very far at all, though finally Didi had to edge away for that pesky breathing thing. "I'm so glad nobody is in the dorms this week," she said, with a blink. Her hands had traveled down and rested, lightly, on his hip bones.

It'd be much harder to publicly make out with her boyfriend if there were people barging in and out of the kitchen to make sandwiches. Which reminded her ... didn't they need strawberries?

"Sod them if they were," Jono replied, laughing softly and shaking his head while he looped his arms around her. "We're not sharing our strawberries."

And now he was just being a dork. But at least he was a dork who was more or less oozing in the general direction of the fridge, now. Even if he was going to attempt to do so while attached to Didi at the hip.

Maybe with any luck, the contents of the fridge would still be good after they'd been in the cabins this long.

"Nope," Didi agreed, creeping along beside him slowly, with plenty of breaks to kiss and touch. "Strawberries are all ours. Everybody else with a mouth already got their shot."

She pulled the fridge open and poked her head in. "Well, she said. "Nothing's jumping out to say hello..."

"Around here, I can't exactly say that's a bad thing," Jono noted, leaning over her shoulder to peer into the fridge as well. "I suppose it isn't much of a surprise, either. Not with everybody in th'cabins."

And now he was going to trail his fingers down along her spine.

He was incorrigible.

He was. He was lucky incorrigible was a good look on him.

... actually, having a mouth was a very good look on him. She turned to kiss him again, groping for the strawberries with one hand, then opened the clamshell and held a berry up to his mouth. "Here," she said. "Let me know how it tastes."

"You mean, like a strawberry?"

Jono was apparently a snarky arse, mouth or none. Still, he wasn't about to let too much attitude spoil the moment, not when Didi was feeding him strawberries, and so, a little grin still tugging at his lips, he took a bite.

His knees damn near gave out under him.

He wasn't going to be able to let Didi know how the strawberry tasted just yet, because he was a little busy having some sort of tastegasm, his eyes half-closed and, yes, he was making throaty noises of appreciation again. Strawberries had apparently been the proper choice, here.

The intense pleasure almost made Didi want to giggle in discomfort, but she didn't. Instead, she beamed, sharing his joy (and ignoring the snark, since that was just par for the course).

"You like them," she murmured, then turned to ransack the freezer. "Good. Oh my god, you have to eat ice cream, too."

"At this rate, I'll have had a nibble of everything in th'fridge," Jono laughed once he managed to bring himself to swallow.

He didn't want to stop tasting. That was the problem, here. And if he sounded a little bit like a kid in a candy shop, he couldn't help it. Though he was trying very, very hard not to let himself get too excited.

"Is there any in there? What kind?"

"Tons," Didi said jubilantly. "Chocolate, and mint chocolate, and chocolate chip cookie dough ... and raspberry sorbet."

She turned to him with big eyes. "Do you want me to make you the hugest sundae ever?"

It sounded like a good idea to her. It'd give him a stomach ache, but it was still fun that he had a stomach that could get an ache in it.

And then he could revisit the glory of being ill! It was like a crash-course in having a face and torso all over again!

"I'm going to regret it in th'morning," he pointed out, casually. "Which means yer going to have to help me eat it, luv."

That would be a yes!

"Oh no," Didi teased. "Sentenced to eat ice cream with my boyfriend, who I am crazy in love with. Gosh, I don't know how I'll make it through."

She pulled out the ice cream bowls and stuff, and added, "We owe Raven something nice. Really nice."

"More than a smile," Jono agreed, reaching into the freezer and emerging again with his arms filled with tubs of ice cream. "I wouldn't even know where to start thanking her for this."

"Say thank you," Didi advised wisely. "I don't know. Gift certificate? Massage? She's an empath. She knows what real gratitude feels like, and she knows you have it."

She opened one of the tubs of ice cream and started spooning it out. "How does it feel?" she asked. "Every time I turn human, I spend about an hour just being amazed how breathing works."

"Breathing," Jono echoed, "and speaking, kissing, taste, not being bloody numb from my nose to my navel..."

There was a moment's pause as he set down the rest of the tubs, and then he was reaching for her hand, tugging her away from the ice cream, and putting his arms around her again.

This time, he was leaning a little, bending so that he could hold her ear to his chest.


Didi leaned in obediently, whole side of her face flush with his chest. "That," she repeated, listening to the steady thud, thud, thud and the companion whoosh of his breath, "is the most amazing thing I have ever heard."

It was even better than his voice. He had a voice, as far as she was concerned. He didn't have a heartbeat, or a chest she could rest her head against like this.

She wanted to stay a very long time.

[OOC: Preplayed with the extraordinary [ profile] furnaceface, follows this. NFI -- it's not like they can see anybody else anyhow :-). ]
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