May. 5th, 2015

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Hey all!

So Death is back (and will be working at Caritas). I think most of you either know the canon, remember her from her last go-round on the island five years ago, or both, so here are the essentials. There's a bit of a deeper dive in her original info post from way back when, though parts of that are specific to the human form called Didi as opposed to Death herself.
  • She is death. Literally. Well, if you want to get technical about it, she's more of a universal life-death force thing, but for some reason most people are mainly interested in the part where she takes your hand and escorts you to the afterlife.
  • If you think your character would either recognize her as one of the Endless, or sense that she isn't exactly human, go for it. It's not a secret.
  • People here know her as Didi, so that's what she'll go by. In part because introducing yourself as Death doesn't tend to make you a hit at parties.
  • Her powers are effectively unlimited; the Endless follow plenty of rules, but there's little or nothing they actually can't do. That said, she's not in the habit of interfering in mortal affairs, and she's not going to start on the island.
  • Theoretically, she's almost omniscient, though not telepathic. (E.g., she knows what people do but not necessarily how they feel about it.) In practice on the island, given all the different universes in play and my lack of desire to godmod, she's normally only going to know things that anyone else could know too. That said, if you want her to amuse/confuse/slightly wig out your character by, say, calling them by name when she first meets them or asking about their dead father or offering to buy them a slice of their favorite anchovy-pineapple pizza, let me know OOC and I'll do it.
  • She is basically the best and most loving friend anyone could have. And she'll keep being that way no matter what.

Questions, comments, gifs because this post lacks them?


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