Aug. 26th, 2010

living_endless: ([death] is waiting)
Death was waiting.

Death was often waiting. She'd waited for Didi's year to be up, and it was. She'd waited to do her job on the island -- and now she had done that, too.

And now there was just one thing left to do, one final goodbye to say. She had a feeling she wouldn't be waiting too long.

For now, there were ducks to feed.

This is our last goodbye... )

[OOC: And that's it, folks. Thanks to [ profile] furnaceface, who knew about this going in and gave me an amazing year of shippiness, this scene included. I'm also going to use this OOC note to thank Jara and Cassie, for being wonderful fake siblings; Aura, for being a fantastic real sibling I regret not having had more time with; Ana, for being a kickass roomie who let Didi pick on his boy like crazy; Nic, for being my partner in crime on the one year and out thing; Tracy, for taking the goldfish; and everybody who's wibbled at me or let me wibble at them this past few weeks. Thank you. It's been an honor to play this one, and she'll be missed.]


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